Assignment Set theory – 2

Assignment on set theory for Practice

Set theory Assignment - 2

Set theory Assignment is the method to make the set theory perfect. The best way to develop the required skills is that practice sufficient assignment on the topic Set theory. 

Question 1.


If A and B be two sets such that n(A)=3 and n(B)=6. Find

(i)  Minimum number of elements in A$\cup$B.

(ii) Maximum number of elements in  A$\cup$B.

Question 2.


If A={ x : x= $4^n$ – 3n -1, n$\in$N}  and B={y : y=9(n-1), n$\in$N} then prove that A$\subset$B.

Question 3.


Find the smallest and largest sets of X such that

X$\cup${3,5}={x : 1$\leq$x$\leq$9 , x$\in$N}

Question 4.


In a group, every member knows at least one of the languages Hindi and Urdu. 100 members know Hindi 50 know Urdu and 25 of them both Hindi and Urdu. Total number of mambers in a group are___________

Question 5.


In a survey of 100 people reading different language newspaper , 18 read English Newspaper only, English but not Hindi is 23, English and Bengali 8, Bengali and Hindi 8, English 26, Bengali 48, and not reading any newspaper 24 then find

(i)  Number of people reading Hindi Newspaper.

(ii)  Number of people reading English and Hindi both newspapers.

Question 6.


In an examination 56% of the students failed in Mathematics and 48% failed in Physics. If 18% failed in both Mathematics and Physics, find the percentage of those who passed in both the subject.

Question 7.


If n number of car owners are surveyed, 500 owned car X , 200 owned car Y and 50 owned both X and Y cars. Find n?

Question 8.


In a survey it is found that 21 people like product A, 26 people like product B and 29 like product C. If 14 people like product A and B ; 15 people like product B and C ; 12 people like product C and A ; and 8 people like all three products, find

(i)  Number of people surveyed ?

(ii) Number of people like product C only.