We all are bound by our Kith and Kin trough a chain of relationship. The question defines the simple relationship by using rather complicated set of some definitions and expects from student to comprehend these definitions rather quickly. To solve these problem analyse statements carefully and systematically. $\\$ e.g (i) My fathers only child means I Myself. $\\ $ $\quad (ii)$ Megha’s husbands Mother-in-law only daughter means Megha herself. $\\$ A proper attention to the information given in the question is required without personal biased thought or pre-conceived notions. Question on Blood Relationship can easily be solved by $\\$ $\quad $(i) Deduction Method $\\$ $\quad $(ii) Pictorial / Family tree Method.$\\$ In these questions , read full question as quickly as possible and identify person between whom relation is to be established. Now try to Co-relate the given relationship. While concluding relationship between two persons be careful about the GENDER of the person involved. Majority of students commit mistake by defining relationship without caring about Gender.

Important tips to solve questions on Blood Relationship. $\\$(i) Select two persons between whom relationship to be found. $\\$(ii) Pin – point intermediate relationship through which long drawn relationship between the two person is established. $\\$ Finally conclude the relationship carefully considering the Gender of the two person involved.

Example 1 :- Introducing a women , a man says ” Her husband is the only son of my father” . How is the woman related to man ?$\\$(a) Sister $\qquad$ (b) Sister – in – law $\qquad$ (c) Brother $\qquad $(d) Wife $\\$ Answer : (d) Man says , husband is only son of his father that means he himself is her husband.

Example 2 :- Pointing to a photograph of girl , Aman said ” She has no sister or daughter but her mother is the only daughter of my mother “. How is the girl in the photograph related to Aman ?$\\$(a) Sister $\qquad\quad$(b) Daughter $\qquad\quad$(c)Niece $\qquad\quad $ (d) Daughter in law. $\\$ Answer : (c) $\\$ Girls mother is the only daughter of Aman mother , that means Aman And Girls mother are brother and sister. Therefore girl in question is Niece

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