Class 10 maths ( CBSE )

Polynomials and zeros of polynomial equations

We have 20+ years of experience in coaching mathematics and provide the students Best class 10 maths ncert solution , certainly we are commited toward , student can achieving 100% marks in board examination is a possible task.

Class 10 board from Student point of view.

Lets look into some of most important thing which the student of class 10 is undergoing because he has to appear for class 10 board despite he done extremely well till class 9.

  • Because Class 10 board examination is the first board examination the student appearing .
  • For the reason that student has not faced Board earlier it cause entire different physiological pressure on him/her.
  • Furthermore it is the turning phase in the life of a student after this the education becomes specific to his/her area of interest.


There are pro and cons of both online learning and class room learning.

CLASSROOM LEARNING Advantages of Classroom Learning .

  • Once something is explained in person on board certainly is like a demonstration of concept , it become more clear .
  • If something is not clear of concept can be asked again and the faculty explains with another examples.
  • In addition to book the Faculty uses his expertise to make things easier.

Disadvantages of classroom Learning.

  • One has to travel down to the place of class. Student has to be present at particular place at particular time.
  • How well student understand concept depends upon the expertise of faculty.
  • One cannot miss any lecture else will face difficulty in understanding in next lecture.
  • Totally depend on one person that is Faculty.

ONLINE LEARNING Advantages of online learning.

  • One can do the learning at any place on mobile , laptop , tab can be done at home on the move or while eating or sitting in living room. One is able to save travel time which rather can be productively used for practice.
  • If student has not understood the concept in first time while can read the content again and again .
  • The video lecture is like a classroom lecture is demonstrative and make the concept very clear.
  • Any number of times the concept can be repeated and at any time.
  • Every time a through revision like the first time be done and any number of revisions are possible.
  • Unlimited practice of questions can be done.

Disadvantages of Online Learning.

  • There is generally limited illustration to explain the concept.
  • If one find difficulty in understanding concept there is no one to explain in different way .

Ways to ease out the pressure.

  • First of all the student make him self conceptually strong .
  • Secondly gain the level of confidence that “nothing is difficult” .
  • Thirdly To achieve the confidence we help the student by our online efforts.
  • Above all for the student to get 100 % in board we have expred everything in such a way that student would not face any difficulty in understanding the concept.
  • Further more wherever we felt that text will not be able to explain the things that comfortably we have used video lectures to explain the things , Video lectures are certainly the best to understand concept.
  • Finally confidence to get excellent marks will come into student if he has done good amount of practice. Further more we are giving good quality practice questions and Previous years question paper are one such tool.

Class 10 Maths NCERT Solution.

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