COVID-19 Is Online Education a revolution?

COVID-19 is Online Education a Revolution?

COVID-19 Online education is not a revolution in the education system but, adoption according to need and time

During Covid-19 is Online Education a Revolution, as a solution was seen in world. In order to curtail the uncontrolled spread of the novel coronavirus across India. All the major educational institutions of the country have come together. And resolved that for the time being, online education will be replacing its traditional counterpart.

How physical classroom teaching is different from COVID-19 online education?

Although for some students, stepping out of the rigid schedules that their schools compelled them to follow has been a form of respite. We cannot afford to miss out on the bigger picture. In a webinar on education during COVID-19. Major Harsh Kumar, the Secretary of NCERT clearly stated that

(1)   The urban schools will be exposed to a huge impact (which is for the better or worse only time will tell). 

(2)   The method of online education will bring about a series of challenges for the rural schools.

Furthermore, he added that owing to the safety of the students and the society as a whole. Social distancing must be practiced in schools for almost a year. With staggered attendance for a few months even after the cloud of susceptibility is lifted.

Unreliable access to technology for COVID-19 Online Education

First things first, the crux of the matter is that not every student in India has access to reliable and proficient technology. Is the reason why online education and physical classroom education cannot be dealt with in the same light. In a country where the greater chunk of the population is struggling to make their rudimentary ends meet.

Being able to afford all the technological equipment to competently participate in online classes is subjected to a massive question mark. A lot of students are lagging, Reasons could be:-

(1)    Because either students are not well-furnished.

(2)  The teachers are ill-fitted for remote teaching.

With face- to-face classroom learning, all these glitches can be obviously steered away from. Additionally, let’s not forget that in the classroom, the teacher can keep a track of the growth of every individual student. Which, in turn, helps the former to transparently comprehend the areas that can be worked upon to improve the grade of the class in whole.

Examinations and discipline can become an issue during COVID-19 Online Education

The expectation of such long-term school closures has probed another issue and that is of examination. Students who are in their exam years, in particular, will be significantly deprived of their prospects. The dispute essentially lies in terms of access and equity. The education system in India has always endured severe blows because of the lack of concentration, attention, and motivation on the students’ part. Teachers, whose efforts to discipline their students in the classroom were mostly futile. Having a hard time convincing the students to attend the lectures online. Keep up with the progress of the syllabus.


The only silver lining of online education is the factor of convenience accompanying it. Instead of traveling for long hours in the traffic to reach and get back from school, every day is very tiring. Students can exercise enough flexibility while joining the Online education. Moreover, even if a student develops the symptoms of COVID-19 while at home, or fall ill because of some other contagious disease, he will not run the risk of infecting his classmates with the same in such vulnerable times.

The bottom line

If you are looking forward to partaking in online teaching then here are the best 5 online classroom software to consider: 

  • Google Hangouts 
  • Adobe Connect 
  • Edvance360 Learning Management 
  • eTrainCenter 
  • ezTalks Webinar 

Keeping all these aspects in mind, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong on our part to assert that online education cannot be classified under a “revolution” as of now. In India, it is more of an alteration that we must adapt ourselves to comply with the changing time and its needs for education in COVID-19.

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