Classification means to assort the items of a given group on the basis of certain common quality they possess and then spot the odd one out.

The difference between Analogy and Classification type of questions lies only in the way of selecting the answer. In case of Analogy you select the one which bears similar relationship but in Classification we need to spot one which lack the common quality.

In this group four or five items would be given and exactly one of which shows different properties.

Commonly used features or properties in these questions are : – means , places , uses , situations , origin , letters of alphabet using a particular method or rule , rules between numbers and mathematical symbols can be used.

Example 1 : Find the odd man out

(a)Sphere                         (b) Cube                      (c) Cone                       (d) Triangle

Answer : (d) Triangle is the only 2D figure rest all are 3D objects.

Example 2 : Out of the following four there are alike one is different , find the different

(a) 447                              (b) 783                         (c) 918                         (d) 356

Answer : (a) only number 447 has sum of digits as odd number rest has sum of digits as even

Example 3 :  Select the one which is different from rest

(a)Hockey                        (b) Horse Riding          (c) Chess                      (d) Cricket

Answer : (c) Chess is the only indoor game of the four  

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