Venn Diagram is diagrammaticall illustration of a group of objects related to each other. Candidate need to ascertain that whether the terms will form set / sub-sets if related or not related from different sets. The group can be combined with union or intersection.

let there are three objects A , B and C each item represent a class based on some quality. Thus these question are based on the concept of class , objects in a class share a common property and different in different property. $\\$ e.g The class of “ Human Being ” includes only humans and not other living beings. Whereas when we say ” Animals ” then all animals including Human Beings is considered. $\\$ Living Being will include all living beings including Birds , Insects and plants.

Different Cases of Venn Diagram are :-

  1. Super Set and Subset relations. $\\$ e.g Fruit , Science And Sports is a Super set and Apple , Physics and Cricket is respectively there subsets. $\\$ $ \qquad \qquad $
  2. Case of intersection (Common) Between two sets. If two sets share some of their properties not all then some of objects belong to both sets. e.g Some of Doctor’s are Female , and every Female is not a Doctor not every Doctor is a Female.
  3. Disjoint Sets. When two sets do not have any quantity common between them also called as disjoint Sets. The Sets do not have any relation with each other. e.g Furniture and Car. $\\$ $\qquad\qquad$

Example 1 :- Select from following four diagram , a diagram the express correct relationship among the three groups i.e Book , Pen , Pencil.$\\$

Answer :- (c) Book , Pen , Pencil do not have anything common . Hence (c)

In the following figure rectangle , square , circle and triangle represent the regions of wheat, gram , maize and rice cultivation respectively. On the basis of the figure , Answer the following question.

Example 2: – Which region is cultivated by all the four commodities.$\\$ $(a)\,7\qquad\quad \quad(b)\,8\quad\qquad\quad (c)\,9\qquad\qquad\quad(d)\,2$ $\\$ Answer :-The region cultivated by all four is where we have all groups i.e the region 7.

Example 3:- Which region is cultivated by wheat , maize and rice. $\\$ $(a)\,7\qquad\quad \quad(b)\,8\quad\qquad\quad (c)\,9\qquad\qquad\quad(d)\,2$ $\\$ Answer :-The region cultivated by all three is where we have all groups i.e the region 7.

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